Frequently Asked Questions

Does uncapped Fibre really mean no limit on how much I download?
Yes, it does, within the constraints of our AUP (Acceptable Usage Policy).
I have a 4MB ADSL line but dont want to pay for a 4MB uncapped bandwidth account. What can I do?
You can opt for a cheaper uncapped bandwidth account eg: a 1MB or 2MB but remember that your connection will be throttled to that speed so if you are going to go this route, downgrade your line enablement too as you are wasting money by having it at a higher speed than your bandwidth account allows.
If I get an e-mail address from you what does my monthly fee buy me?
All e-mail accounts supplied by us are SPAM filtered and Virus protected. They can also be used through your regular mail programme (eg: Outlook) as well as via our Webmail interface or your smartphone
What is the difference between Diginet/EEE & ADSL/Fibre
Diginet/EEE is not shared with other users so the bandwidth is guaranteed unlike ADSL/Fibre. Furthermore, they are much more stable and reliable than ADSL/Fibre and if, on the rare occasion, there is a line issue, faults are attended to by Telkom much more rapidly than for ADSL/Fibre which are best-effort, shared service with no guarantees.

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