Website Bundles

Our website bundles include everything you need to put your best foot forward as a business:


  1. Your own domain name
  2. A professionally designed website
  3. Business email (using your domain name)
  4. Secure hosting with an SSL certificate
  5. Regular plugin & platform updates & maintenance to ensure no/minimal downtime.
  6. Unlimited Website Traffic
  7. Regular Backups

* There is a once-off initiation fee of R999 on all our website bundle packages.
* All packages quote exclude VAT.
* The website development/setup fee is amortised over 24 months. Thereafter the fee will drop to hosting only.
* Extra business email accounts are available at our regular rates.

We have been developing websites for over 25 years so know what works and what doesn’t.

Just because a website looks ‘flash’ doesn’t mean its going to be effective in converting prospects into customers. When you choose us for your web development services you benefit from our years of experience. The result: A website that will look good as well as being functional, search engine & mobile friendly too, thereby giving you the best ROI (return on investment).

Website Design Packages

E-commerce Websites

Looking to sell your products (and services online?

Ecommerce websites take all shapes and forms and can include:

  • Selling physical products online
  • Selling downloadable products online
  • Selling membership access
  • Selling services online

E-commerce Website Bundles

We build all of our websites using the WordPress platform. As such, it only makes sense that we would use Woocommerce  – the open source E-commerce platform that’s built for Worpdress. Woocommerce allows for the facilitation of selling just about anything online through is various extensions. You have something you want to sell? Chances are it can be sold using Woocommerce (in fact we’ve not come across anything yet that hasn’t been able to be sold via Woocommerce!).

Woocommerce integrates seamlessly with Paypal, Payfast and other Payment gateways making it extremely easy to get your online business up and running quickly and cost efficiently.

E-commerce Website Bundle Information

Our base E-Commerce bundle includes a 4 page website, the online store setup, payment gateway integration with 1 provider. It also includes flat rate shipping setup (2 options) as well as 6 categories with 1 simple product added into each category.

We find that most clients prefer to manage their online stores themselves, so we offer a Zoom training session for this to show how to add new categories & products as well as make changes to existing products, and put items on sale.

We can obviously build a much bigger store than the basics we’ve shown here, with additional and more complex functionalities (eg: Appointment bookings, subscriptions & memberships and all sorts of other functions.)

Get in touch and let’s have a chat about what you want to do with your online store.



Website Design Packages